Jacob Eriksen (Denmark, 1985) works as an artist and researcher in oscillations between artistic experimental practice and
theoretical conceptualisation, which in combination constitute a breeding ground for knowledge production and creativity.
His sound art, conceptual art and musical experiments addresses the crossovers between order and chaos,
synthesis and organism, repetition and difference, the human and non-human.

Currently lecturing at Berlin University of the Arts, Humboldt University of Berlin and Rhythmic Music Conservatory, Copenhagen.
Member of the Berlin based research colloquium KlangDenken/Sonic Thinking.
Co-organising the lecture series "At the Limits of Perception and Cognition" with Diana Ø. Tørsløv Møller.

Master of Arts in Sound Studies
Berlin University of the Arts, Germany (2013-2015)

Bachelor of Arts in Musicology with elective studies in Philosophy and Modern Cultures
University of Copenhagen, Denmark (2008-2012)

Studies in Philosophy
York University, Toronto, Canada (2011)

Solo exhibitions
2018 When Noise Is Absent Noise There Will Be (sound exhibition), Zwitschermaschine, Berlin (DE)

Selected group exhibitions and performances
2018 Abstrakte Konkretitäten (dj-set), Eavesdrop Festival, Berlin (DE)
2018 Noise and Pulsations (sound performance), Petersburg Art Space, Berlin (DE)
2017 Noise and Pulsations (audiovisual performance), Spektrum, Berlin (DE)
2017 Noise and Pulsations (sound performance), Sad Mornings, Berlin (DE)
2017 Objects Also Die (audiovisual performance), Castrum Peregrini, Amsterdam (NL)
2017 House of Stories (sound installation and performance), Veilinggebouw De Zwaan, Amsterdam (NL)
2016 exp. (audiovisual group performance), Space/Time, Berlin (DE)
2016 Colors and Pulsations II (audiovisual installation), Schillerpalais, Berlin (DE)
2015 Colors and Pulsations (audiovisual installation), American Whirlpool, Berlin (DE)
2015 Concert for a sitting and lying audience (concert), MIASTO:wro Film Festival, Wroclaw (PL)
2015 Der spekulative Winkel (sound installation), Kühlhaus/Berlin University of the Arts, Berlin (DE)
2015 Subliming (audio-visual Installation), transmediale, Berlin (DE)
2014 Singing Stones (sound installation from field recordings), MMIFF, Madeira (PT)
2014 Break 15 Minutes (sound installation), Akademie der Künste, Berlin (DE)
2014 Extrem kurz und unglaublich schn, (conceptual sound art), Internet Yami-Ichi, iMAL, Brussels (BE)
2014 Lydtryk (sound installation), Harmos Plural, Porto (PT)
2014 Music for Teenagers and (other) Rats (public intervention), Crack in the City, Berlin (DE)
2014 Aionoia (sound installation), Rundgang, University of the Arts Berlin, Berlin (DE)
2014 Aionoia (sound installation), KlangZeitGefühl, 48 Stunden Neuklln art festival, Berlin (DE)
2014 Alltag - Ein Heimspiel (soundtrack for theatre), 48 Stunden Neuklln art festival, Berlin (DE)
2014 Golberg Lolax (Lukas und Wenzel-Version) (conceptual concert), Mainzer Strae, Berlin (DE)
2014 Die Golberg Lolax Variationen (sound installation in cooperation with Erwin Stache), Acht Brücken, Kln (DE)
2014 Extrem kurz und unglaublich schn, (conceptual sound art), Internet Yami-Ichi, transmediale, Berlin (DE)
2013 Extrem kurz und unglaublich schn, (conceptual sound art), Time Frame, Raum 365, Leipzig (DE)
2012 Everybody Dice (conceptual concert/performance), Musikdagen, Copenhagen (DK)
2011 Lyd og Lys (experimental concert and visual performance), Strøm Festival, Copenhagen (DK)